False Ceiling & Light partitions installation

Eshaal Somi Technical Services (SETS) is always successful in gaining customer satisfaction in False (suspended) ceilings & light partition installation through precise, timely delivery of work and quality.  We always put attention to maintain all our works aesthetically pleasing.  Year’s long expertise and high-end resources allow us to work on different false ceiling designs according to customer wishes. Ultimately, we value customer interest and advice.

We offer the best false ceilings & light partition installation service in UAE across homes, villas, residential interiors, commercial interiors, industrial interiors, hotel interiors in an affordable price range. Uniquely, we extend customer vast choice of false ceiling types such as:


– The Fiber false ceiling is the most sought out by the customer because of its flexible installation and low cost.

– The glass false ceiling is aesthetically pleasing. Mostly used in hotel interiors.

– The Gypsum false ceiling is the most commonly used one because of its heat resistant property and easy to install and clean.  This ceiling can give seamless look without too many joints.

– The Metal false ceiling hard and durable. When polished will give a shiny look. Where metals used in this are galvanized iron and aluminum.

– The plaster false ceiling is done based on customer choice. The initial product is a powder that is mixed with water to make a paste and then applied. This makes it highly durable and sustainable for many years.

– The Wooden false ceiling is now the most common one in residential buildings. As it gives a rich look and back to nature feeling.


Eshaal Somi Technical Services (SETS) also focuses on a wide range of false ceiling tiles which can be done through minimal disruption without any dismantling of the current ceiling to achieve acoustical insulation.  For the partition materials, we make sure customers have a broad variety of choices such as gypsum sheets, glass, concrete, plaster slab, A.C. sheet or G.I. sheet, wood-wool, pure wood and engineered wood. We provide customers with numerous choices for false ceiling designs, false ceiling types and false ceiling tiles.

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